Where are your inks manufactured?
All of our 2.0 formula sublimation inks are Made in the U.S.A.

Are you a small business or large corporation and where are you based?
We are a Small Family-Owned business based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We are proud to say that we have been in the printing and graphics industry for over 30 years!

Where do you ship from?
Fort Wayne, Indiana

How soon will my order ship?
For the most up to date processing times, visit our Shipping Policy page at: https://www.cycloneinks.com/policies/shipping-policy

I ordered, will I get an email & tracking information, I don't see any?
Yes, we send emails throughout the entire process all the way to when the order has been delivered.  If you do not see our emails, check your Spam folder.  If it is not in your Spam folder, please check the email you entered during checkout for accuracy.

What are your shipping rates and do you offer Free shipping?
We offer Flat Rate shipping of $8.95 for orders totaling $69.99 or less.  Our standard shipping is Free when your total order hits $70.00 prior to any tax or shipping costs.  This will be at minimum either USPS Priority Mail or UPS ground and our choice for the Free shipping offer. 

What shipping options do you use?
We use USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground as our primary shipping methods.  Other options are available to you at an additional cost at checkout.  Please visit our Shipping Policy page at: https://www.cycloneinks.com/policies/shipping-policy for more details.

Do you ever have a sale or discount codes available?
Yes, we have Sales frequently, watch the website for details.  We also offer Discount Codes throughout the year via Email, inclusions in your order, our Facebook group and our other social media accounts.

Do you offer support?
Yes, please check our Support page for details at: https://www.cycloneinks.com/pages/technical-order-support

Do you accept returns and refunds?
Please see all details on our Refund Policy page here: https://www.cycloneinks.com/policies/refund-policy

When choosing a sublimation ink, should I just buy on lowest price or popularity, as I have heard from others that all sublimation inks are from the same place and ink is ink?
NO!  Ink is not Ink.  This is one of biggest false statements in the sublimation industry and originates from ones that really do not know the facts of the industry.  We feel this ideal originates from many years ago when there were only a few factories in China that actually manufactured sublimation ink.  Today that has changed.  There are different formulations and manufacturers of sublimation ink all over the world, including the U.S.A., such as where Cyclone Inks NEW 2.0 formula is made.  It is not hard to see when doing test comparisons that different inks will behave differently when printing and final pressing.  This alone proves that not all inks are the same ink and from the same place, besides the fact that we have industry facts, insight and first hand knowledge directly from multiple ink manufacturers and have tested many different formulations in our own facility.

Is it okay to just mix sublimation ink brands together when I need to refill or want to switch?
The short answer from us is NO!  We never recommend just mixing sublimation inks together.  It is always best to drain the printer before switching or it may cause color and/or clogging issues.  For a more reliable changing of inks there are several steps involved and a few supplies needed to make the job easier and successful.  Also, a printer can be switched from the Epson standard inks to sublimation inks and vice versa.  Detailed instructions can be found in our Facebook group or from a variety of different video channels on YouTube.

I see different printer models listed, are your inks different for each model?
Our inks are all the same according to color.  We list the different models so that customer can easily locate their model and be assured they are choosing the correct ink set.  On a side note, ALL of our 85ml/140ml EcoTank style bottles have generic keyed tops for easy filling of the printer, but unlike Genuine Epson inks that come with the printer, our bottles are not color specific, so be sure you are using the correct color with the correct tank.

My printer requires CMYK, Photo Black & Gray do you offer these colors?
Yes, we offer all 6 ink colors for the Epson ET-8500 and Epson ET-8550 printers.

Are the Black and Photo Black sublimation inks the SAME for the ET-8500/ET-8550?
Yes.  A true Photo Black sublimation ink does not exist from any ink supplier.  Since the Epson ET-8500 and Epson ET-8550 are photo printers, but are being used for sublimation instead, different Black sublimation inks would have no real visual affect on the output, since sublimation ink is heat activated.  Therefore, Black is used in both tanks.  We label the Photo Black bottles that way to alleviate confusion for the customer when receiving their order. When refilling the Photo Black bottle or tank, the customer can just use Black.

Do your inks require a special ICC color profile to be used?
Cyclone Inks do not require a special ICC color profile to be used for great results.

Where do I find the settings for Cyclone Inks?
We send recommended starter settings, on a 4x6 post card, with every order we ship.

Do you offer larger refill bottles or jugs to save me money?
Yes!  We offer Black in 140ml EcoTank style bottles and we offer CMYK, PB, GY in 250ml refill jugs that are used to refill the 85ml EcoTank style bottles.  We also offer, by special request for our heavy use customers, all of our ink colors in 1 Liter size bottles. 

When I filled my new printer with your 85ml bottles, there is ink leftover in the bottle, what do I do with it?
Most EcoTank tanks are rated at 70ml in capacity, so the 85ml bottle will still contain ink once you have filled the tanks.  Once you fill your new printer and run the ink initialization process, the ink levels will go down because ink was pulled into the lines and ink dampers to get the printer ready to print.  This will in turn lower the ink levels in the tank making room for you to then fill the tanks with the remaining ink left in the bottle.  We do not recommend leaving small amounts of ink sit in the ET style bottles.  Once you empty them into the tanks, we recommend rinsing them well to get all residual ink out and then let them dry.  You can store them for future use.  You can purchase our 250ml refill jugs so you can then refill your printer when needed.

Do sublimation inks have an expiration date or go bad?
Yes.  ALL brands of sublimation inks will eventually go bad.  According to industry standards, sublimation inks should be used within 12-18 months.  We recommend using them within 12 months of receiving your order or within 6 months of first opening them.  This is a conservative recommendation, but what we feel should be followed.

Are your inks outdoor durable?
Standard sublimation inks can be used outdoors, but longevity from fading will vary on many factors including the amount of direct sunlight it receives, direction the item is mounted or being used.  UV coatings can be applied to some items to help protect from UV for a period of time, this will also vary in longevity as well.  Specialty/Novelty inks, like Neon or Fluorescent inks, are not intended for outdoor use and may fade rapidly with or without UV coating protectants.

Can I switch brands or types of ink or am I stuck with the one I started with?
Yes.  You can switch brands and types of ink.  There are several steps involved and a few supplies needed to make the job easier and successful.  A printer can be switched from the Epson standard inks to sublimation inks and vice versa.  Detailed instructions can be found in our Facebook group or from a variety of different video channels on YouTube.

Do you have a Trade-in Program for my Epson inks that come with the printer?
Yes.  Details and which ones are accepted can be found here: https://www.cycloneinks.com/pages/epson-ink-trade-in

Do you recycle and use earth friendly packaging materials?
Yes.  We respect the planet and do our best to recycle, reduce and reuse all that we can.  We have recycling bins setup in our shop for materials that can be recycled.  These materials come from shipments and boxes we receive from our suppliers and include cardboard, numbered plastics/film, paper, and other acceptable materials.  This reduces our waste output drastically to the point where our recycle bins are used way more than our waste bins.  We also source as many shipping supplies as we can that can be recycled by the end user.  We only purchase packaging peanuts made from starch that are easily and quickly biodegradable.  This comes at a greater cost for us, but we feel the benefit outweighs the cost.  We use paper-based, water-activated packaging tapes almost exclusively instead of plastic tape made from petroleum products.  We also reuse many materials that come in shipments we receive and that you may end up seeing in your shipment.  These reused materials may include Styrofoam peanuts, foam sheets/pieces, crumpled up Kraft paper filler, air pillows, cardboard pieces and bubble wrap.  We strive to keep as much as we can out of the landfills for as long as we can!

If I have a question not answered here, what should I do?
You can email us using the contact form on our website found here: https://www.cycloneinks.com/pages/contact-us